Sale and Leaseback

Are you looking to free up cash on your balance sheet?

A sale and leaseback is a transaction in which you sell your property and simultaneously take a secure lease back on the property. Unless otherwise agreed you would take a lease for a fixed term/ period of years and such a lease would normally also have security of tenure under the Landlord and Tenant Act and therefore the right to request a new lease at the end of the current one. We can normally agree for a period which suits the vendor. 

Deals can include rent free periods, stepped rents, rental holidays but we do look to market level rents. Improved liquidity and giving you the working capital to implement your plans.

The benefits of Sale and Leaseback

* Traditionally commercial mortgages were generally available at up to 70% of the value. However in reality for most small to medium sized business, traditional lenders no longer operate at this level with loan to value levels  pushed much lower. What is often worse is that levels are often more like 50% once it has been through a full credit process, which usually takes months leaving business owners hampered.

The appeal of a sale and leaseback transaction means that we remove uncertainty by buying a property that is already let and income-generating.

We facilitate sale and leaseback transactions to free up cash that is tied up in real estate, which in turn can be invested in the business.

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