Land Purchase & Development

Land is a valuable currency, and the possibilities of development are virtually endless.

Land Purchase

Straightforward purchase of land with or without planning permission and we have considerable expertise in overcoming difficulties and resolving physical, planning and title issues. Both residential and commercial opportunities considered and our in house capabilities mean we are able to quickly formulate an offer for your land.


We have the experience of a construction company, Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors, sitting alongside us to guide us through any of our development proposals. This provides us with the expertise to consider not only the principal commercial appraisal at the outset and the drivers for development but also the site specific physical influences.

We will take over stalled and part completed schemes at any stage of the development be it through straight purchase or joint venture, or profit participation agreement, providing current owners with a way forward.

Our experience includes assessing and taking over part constructed schemes, where development may have started but then stalled for any number of reasons. We have seen schemes, where contractors have walked off site, or funding that was promised has failed to materialise and where the developer is facing an insolvency event, be it administration or the pending appointment of a Fixed Charge Receiver.

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We successfully transform property development opportunities into higher yields and margins on cost faster than many others in the industry. Our proven techniques allow us to achieve the maximum possible risk-adjusted return.

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