Looking for property investment opportunities across all sectors

A specialist property investment team with extensive knowledge and experience of the UK property sector.

Constantly searching for introductions to a wide range of commercial and residential property transactions through established local relationships.

G C Capital is a privately owned growing property company. We will invest in properties and sites throughout the UK. We look for opportunities across all property sectors, for buildings and sites where we can use our experience and capital to improve and develop our investments.

What We Do

We specialise in both residential and commercial development work, including taking over part built schemes.

As well as outright purchase we will work alongside partners and consider joint ventures and profit share arrangements to unlock value in a range of scenarios.

We relish what other property companies dislike- short term income, varied unexpired lease terms, voids, statutory required capital expenditure, refurbishment of parts.

We look for opportunities to increase value in the short to medium term by using our experience and funds. We are happy to consider all scenarios and enjoy dealing with complications that other property firms shy away from.

Timelapse Video - Ridley Croft Barns Project

Our Expertise

G C Capital was created by a financier as a vehicle for acquiring property assets, and our Property Director Edward Dry is a Chartered Surveyor with 30 years’ experience. We have an experienced support team including construction and legal experts. Our in house expertise brings together the experience of financiers, building and quantity surveyors and other construction experts allows us to undertake quick internal assessments, so we can put forward unconditional offers, which we commit to and vendors can rely on without the need for detailed external due diligence.

Without the need for external funding, having a simple decision making process and having overcome problems in the past, we conclude deals where others have often failed.

Lets Discuss

In an increasingly competitive market we are all too aware that practical valuation cannot be compromised against the best use of capital. We have many years of experience in the property industry, and can formulate offers that can be relied upon.

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